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How To Spend A Memorable Weekend In Baku?

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Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and is located on the Caspian Sea. It is some meters low and is one of the lowest lying capitals in the world. If you have explored Baku then it is fine otherwise it is will be an adventure to explore different regions of the world. There are different visitor attraction sites in Baku and it will be very much enthusiastic to explore different regions of Baku. Azerbaijan provides you visa and you will need the tourist visa for discovering several areas of Baku. You can also hire some guide for having more information.

How To Spend A Memorable Weekend In Baku?

Buy Cheap Flight Tickets, from Faremakers, Pakistan’s First Online Travel Company. You must go to Azerbaijan in cheaper and affordable air ticket rate. You can spend one day or one night in the Azerbaijan city. You have to stay in the hotels and you can also book them from Faremakers. The company deals in the international reservation of hotels. If you want to book then you can do reservation of The Fairmont Flame Towers. Their rooms are great, view was awesome and the breakfast was extraordinary. Their spa was also the best after long day of traveling and tourism.

Ancient Town Of Baku:

After landing at the airport, there is no affordable and easy convenience for you to travel from the Baku’s airport to the Old Town of Baku. You only have the option of hiring Uber and they are also affordable. There is not any language barrier.

After you have reached to your hotel and seems to be refreshed. You will need to book Mangal Steakhouse tonight. You have the option of now going over to the Old Town of Baku. There are again chances of getting Uber but if you there are the chances that you have to travel on the foot. Old town of Baku was one of the historical gems of the 12th Century. It is one of the number one attractions in the city of Baku. This site also has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The surroundings of the town and fortified walls, historical living houses behind the walls translate different feelings.

If you are a photographer then you might taken your tripod with yourself. You will feel very attractive in capturing two or three images of the historical beauty. Your next destination will be Qiz Qalasi popularly famous as Maiden Tower. You will find different restaurants and cafes in your way while going to the fort. It is better time for the lunch now. There will be different ice cream and baklava sellers in your way and you have bought something from them.

After eating and drinking the lunch, the tower will also be considered of the 12th Century. It is believed that it was built for the military while others maintain the view that the place is a spiritual one. Recent studies have proven that the tower was of observatory for astronomical reasons. The theory is notable for that the tower has spiritual significance. Whatever the cause is, marvelous and special architecture is really praise worthy.

After doing the lunch, eating the baklava and gelato, it’s now the time for going to Martyr Alley. The cemetery and memorial is dedicated to those who were killed by the Soviet during Black January. There is one way of getting to the top of the memorial that is by climbing countless stairs. It depends on you whether you climb so many stairs or not.

Whatever option you choose, at last you will have the option of seeing the shores of Caspian Sea. You can also see the hotel which you have booked by the name of Flame Towers and there is a beautiful mosque located, in front of the hotel. The scenery looks extremely marvelous. There is also another landscape here and is name is Eternal Flame. Many of the people visit this burial site and pay respect to those who are dead.

You can go for Fairmont; this hotel is very near to the memorial. It is the time to head back to the room and relax till your dinner reservation. When the time of the dinner comes, get your best clothes on and take an Uber ride. You will have to pay less and head over to the Mangal Steak. It is one of the best restaurants in the town. After dinner, the choice of going back by which way depends on you. Will you take an Uber or a normal cab? Sometimes, Uber is less for paying and at other times, it is costly but the choice depends on you. You can book PIA Ticket Price for going to Baku however contact Faremakers for having more information.

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