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#ParwaazHaiJunoon Trailer Review- Captivating and Impressive

After much of a delay we finally got to see the trailer of the much awaited movie #ParwaazHaiJunoon .The movie starring Hamza Ali Abbasi , Ahad Raza Mir,Hania Amir,Shaz Ali Khan,Kubra Khan looks Impressive and is creating much of a buzz between the audience as expected. In the three minute video we get to see the lives of the main leads . Starting from Hamza's role is of a soft hearted pilot who falls in love with Hania's character.Moving on to Hania's character of an American who leaves her citizenship to serve the country and of course Ahad Raza Mir playing an ambitious pilot who makes fun of Hania being a woman in Air Force.

The budding romance between Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hania Amir looks cute.
However, later we are introduced to a love triangle between the three.We also see Shaz Khan and Kubra Khan in small parts getting married in the movie. From the control room shots to the fighting scenes of jet planes, the trailer shows the tough life of Air Force.

The trailer manage to capture our attention with an excellent cinematography and a relatable story line.The movie carries strong emotions of Patriotism, Love, Sacrifice, Ambition and drama of course making it a one to watch out for.

Shamoon Abbasi and the legendary Asif Raza Mir are also doing a cameo in the movie.

The movie is written by our very favorite writer Farhat Ishtiaq n is produced by Momina and Duraid productions.

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