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Submit Your Guest Posts/Articles Absolutely Free


Do you have your own say on the hot social issues?
Do you want to showcase your success story?
Do you want to write on technology, business, sports, politics and entertainment?
Do you want to showcase your startup, product or service?

THEN has thousands of visitors & increasing to read the articles is a hub of thousands of people who regularly posts their articles and share their views, ideas, thoughts is a platform for the Pakistanis living globally to engage with each other socially has a tagline 'Pakistan ka apna social media'

Have you engaged yourself to
To share your views about social issues;
To promote your product, brand or service;


Then send your articles now!


1. You can send guest posts/articles on any topic except sex, religion, hate speech, child abuse, racism etc.
2. There should be no use of obscene and abusive language.
3. You can send guest posts/articles on weekly or daily basis.
4. You can send us multiple articles, but only one article will be published in one day.
5. We will notify you through email when your article will be published.
6. You can include images, links or videos in your article.
7. There is no hardcore rule about the format of article and it can be in form of reviews, news, Ads or anything that you like. Unless it's not looking weird and hard to read, we will publish it.


1. Your articles will be published on free of cost. There are no hidden costs.
2. You are your own editor, we aren't. We will publish your articles with full credits such as name, email and social media profile.
3. We will also post your articles to our Facebook and Twitter pages.
4. Once your article is published, you can share its link to other social media platforms, your friends, family members or anywhere else in the world.
5. If you want to become writer, you can share the link published here to potential employer.
6. You can share link of your article among your colleagues, friends and ask them to comment or share your article. Anyone with Facebook account can give response easily to your article.


1. Simply chose A4 size paper and write your article in Urdu with clear writing.
2. Scan that paper in the most highest quality and send us.
3. There can me more than one paper as well.

Please feel free to contact us anytime & send your guest posts/article to:   

*We reply within 24 hours for all your queries[no-sidebar]
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