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Cheap Indian Propaganda Exposed


An Indian satellite TV channel recently aired performance about Shoaib & Sania Marriage in a Reality Show

Recently, an Indian TV channel portrayed the life of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza in a reality show. There was a act in a reality show where a contestant (Kanika Kapur) had to perform the character of Sania Mirza. The other guy who is performing in the act is not a contestant. Infact, he was an extra guy playing the character of Shoaib Malik.

The performance of the girl Kanika Kapur playing the character of Sania Mirza was really animated. She was jumping, screaming, dancing, and singing all over the stage while performing in the act. It is quite funny to imagine Sania Mirza in the character that Kanika Kapur played in reality TV show.

One of the most funniest and hilarious Indian propaganda in the reality TV show act was when the contestant  Kanika Kapur playing the character of Sania Mirza asked the guy who were playing the character Shoaib Malik something like this: 'Shoaib mein India ke liye khlena nhi chorongi'

Haha, when did our superstar Shoaib Malik ask her to quit as an Indian tennis player and join Pakistani team? We all know it would have never happened. It is at that point of scene where Indian propaganda looked typically cheap.

In this act they also raised issues from women empowerment to loyalty for the Indian nation. Its a fact that as Indian Muslim, Sania Mirza has to face lot of difficulties and it was also portrayed in the act. In the last few moments, the guy playing character of Shoaib Malik was disappeared and it was all Sania's character. The last scenes of the act were funny as well because it looked like that Sania's character has become a 'terminator' or something.

Watch the video:

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