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Content Advertising


If you are:

A Brand, Product or Service Provider;
A Freelancer, Small Startup, Business Owner;
A TV Actor, Fashion Model, Stage Artist, Comedian
A Movie Director, Film Producer, Script Writer
A Talented Individual, Team or Group, who want to showcase their talent!

Then Paid Content Advertising is just the right advertising for you! 

The paid content/article is published on the top of the main page as the 'Featured or Premium' content where thousands of  Pakistan social media news website visitors will see it. Remember that this paid content remains on the top of homepage as long as you want and its position does not change at all whereas the other regular posts will continue to disappear all the time from the homepage.   

Send Us Your Paid Content

The paid content/article should be between 450 to 500 words and it could be in the form of a short story, article, review, experience, or anything which describes your brand, product or service.
You can also include images, videos and website links in your paid content/article.


1. We will publish your content on Pakistan social media news website
2. We will publish your content to our Facebook Page
3. We will publish your content to Twitter Page
4. The paid content published on the social media pages will remain posted for lifetime

  • Package 1: 20000($200) for 2 months
  • Package 2: 30000($300) for 3 months
  • Package 3: 39500($395) for 4 months
  • Package 4: 49000($490) for 5 months
  • Package 5: 58500($585) for 6 months
  • *the amount is non-refundable
Feel free to contact us anytime and send paid content/article to:
*We reply within 24 hours for all your queries 

Read the Advertising Terms & Conditions Here
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