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Video Advertising


Are you searching for a bigger platform to showcase your brand, product, service or even your own talent? Are you emerging actor, writer or director? Do you have exciting video to share with us created by you?

And..If you want to show your videos to the thousands of people..

Then Paid Video Content Advertising is just the perfect advertising for  you!

We will publish your videos on Pakistan social media news website where thousands of people will watch and share your videos. Also, we will publish your video to our Facebook and Twitter page as well. Your videos will be published for lifetime and will never be deleted.

We have Watch Videos where people all over the world submit their videos. Thousands of people will be able to search, share and watch your videos.

You can also send your YouTube videos and we will publish your videos in our Watch Videos section.


1. We will publish your video on Pakistan social media news website
2. We will publish your video to Facebook Page
3. We will publish your video to Twitter Page
4. Your videos will be remain posted for lifetime on the website and social media pages
5. If you have a YouTube video, then you can increase your views
6. If you have ads on YouTube, you can increase earnings

  • 10000 ($100) - One time fee for lifetime
  • *the amount is non-refundable
Feel free contact us anytime and send your videos to: 
  1. Nudity or sexual content is not allowed.
  2. Harmful or dangerous content is not permitted.
  3. No hateful, violent or graphic content is allowed.
  4. Child related endangerment and inappropriate content is not allowed.
*We reply within 24 hours for all your queries

Read the Advertising Terms & Conditions Here
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