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A 3D Cinematic View of Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley 


The Naltar Valley is a valley situated near the city of Gilgit in Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan. Naltar is about 34 kilometres (21 miles) from Gilgit. Naltar Bala (upper) and Naltar Paain (lower) are two villages of Naltar valley. Naltar Paain is at a distance of 34 kilometres (21 miles) and Naltar Bala at 40 kilometres (25 miles) from Gilgit. Naltar Expressway connects Naltar with Gilgit City via Nomal and Faizabad. There is a town known as Nomal between Naltar valley and Gilgit. A road from Nomal goes to 'The Silk Route' to China.


Naltar Lakes


There are five Naltar Lakes lakes in the Naltar valley known as Satrangi Lake, Halima Lake, Bodo Lake, Dhudia Lake, Pari Lake, and Blue Lake at a distance of 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Naltar Bala. The road from the village to the lakes is nonmetallic and narrow alongside a stream throughout this road coming from the mountains. It is almost impossible to reach the lake through any vehicle in winter due to the snow (10 to 15 feet high) on the road. 


Tourism Facilities 


The valley offers a variety of flora, fauna as well as natural scenery. There is a natural green garden known as "Halima garden". The government has established some rest houses in the valley. GBPWD Resthouse is the oldest rest house in the valley. FCNA, GB Scouts & PAF had their own rest houses to serve the purpose. There are also several private accommodation facilities and hotels in the valley. Ski competitions are held at Naltar ski resort.  


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