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Who Will Win Pakistan Elections 2018?

Who Will Win the Pakistan Election 2018? Pakistan Social Media Predicts!

The Elections of 2018 in Pakistan are going to be very different because of various reasons. Only time will tell but we can always speculate, Pakistan Social Media has predicted these results but please remember that these are only predictions.

Pakistan Social Media sees two possibilities:

1. PML(N) & PPP Coalition Government

Coalition Groups: MQM(P), ANP, MMA
Independent Candidates: They will either join PPP OR PML(N)

2. PTI & Coalition Government
Coalition groups: PML-Q, GDA, PSP, GDA
Independent Candidates: They will join PTI

How many seats parties will win?

PTI - 104
PML(N) - 78
PPP - 28
MQM(P) -13
PSP - 1
MMA - 8
BAP - 4
GDA - 10
PML(Q) - 6
AML - 1
ANP - 2
BNP - 3
NP - 1
IND - 11

These are just some interesting predictions and the actual result may quite different altogether. You never know PTI forms the government or PSP sweeps the Karachi. Let the best party win!

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