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Best friends roast your life, no mercy.
Best friends your go-to drunk shrinks.
Best friends laugh at fails, get you barred.
Best friends blame for lost attire and ditches.
Best friends like condom for life's hard times.
Best friends' life’s adult supervision fails.
Best friends your liver’s worst nightmare.
Best friends clean up your dirty secrets.
Best friends make epic fails legendary.
Best friends know all your lifetime bans.
Best friends laugh till they leak a bit.
Best friends know your crazy, still stay.
Best friends mock, cry, hug, repeat.
Best friends drunk text partners-in-crime.
Best friends are writers of awkward life tales.


Dad jokes approved by the Groan Systems Board.
Dad bod is proof that food his love language.
Dad wisdom is like Google, with more attitude.
Dad fashion lies in socks and underwear.
Dad makes puns that are a-maize-ing.
Dad is reigning king of grill and TV remote.
Dad skills fix everything but the thermostat.
Dad vibes combine dad bod and dad jokes combo.
Dad makes bedtime disappear since birth.
Dad is the legend of the neighbourhood.
Dad fuels by wine or questionable dance steps.
Dad boldly wears cargo shorts all year round.
Dad's eternal quest: how Wi-Fi works
Dad is one who turns errands into epic quests.
Dad's stories get taller with every retelling.


Granddad is still jammin’ since 8-tracks.
Granddad jokes are ensured to make you groan.
Granddad wisdom is like Google, minus the ads.
Granddad rocks in old socks, underwear always.
Granddad charm is smoother than bowling ball.
Granddad tales enriched for your entertainment.
Granddad learns emojis one thumbs up at a time.
Granddad quests prove age is just a GPS number.
Granddad always turns nap time to quality time.
Granddad's stories, your late-night legends.
Granddad fuels by grandkid giggles and coffee.
Granddad swags in shades and Hawaiian shirt.
Granddad jokes could crack the Liberty Bell.
Granddad laughs causing bellyaches since forever.
Granddad’s wisdom maters TV remote control.


Brother's sarcasm level is always expert.
Brother is the roast master since birth.
Brother is chief mischief officer, on duty.
Brother's fashion statement, mismatched socks.
Brother charm is smoother than pickup lines.
Brother tales are legendary stories, 50% truth.
Brother is expert in memes and password theft.
Brother represents daring stunts, with band-aids.
Brother make chores disappear, presto!
Brother's tales are epic, best for Netflix.
Brother's powered by pizza or sibling rivalry.
Brother swagger cooler than pillow's flip side
Brother jokes break anyone’s laugh-o-meter.
Brother laughs make bellyaches since forever.
Brother's pranks meet genius tango-style.


Stepdad is blend of dad jokes with boss moves.
Stepdad tales of DIY gone hilariously wrong.
Stepdad is a grilling master, apron optional.
Stepdad is guru, uses duct tape for all messes.
Stepdad's life advice, mixed with movie quotes.
Stepdad tales and jokes will make you groan.
Stepdad masters in TV remote and eating chips.
Stepdad road trips accompany epic dance moves.
Stepdad makes frozen pizza taste gourmet.
Stepdad jokes hit harder than the garage door.
Stepdad fuels by wine or family Netflix tales.
Stepdad shades and socks, king of patio cool.
Stepdad's wit is sharp as lawnmower blades.
Stepdad laughs cause cramps, certified funny.
Stepdad's world is tools, tacos, and triumphs.


1. Stepbrother is quick sibling, no rally needed.
2. Stepbrother is a built-in mischief partner.
3. Stepbrother is life’s awkward surprise package.
4. Stepbrother is chaos you didn’t see coming.
5. Stepbrother shares parents, not a brain cell.
6. Stepbrother is one part family, two parts wild.
7. Stepbrother, sibling by law, trouble by choice.
8. Stepbrother: your new excuse for everything.
9. Stepbrother exists, because life need chaos.
10. Stepbrother, the plot twist of family saga.
11. Stepbrother, sibling rivalry, now in HD.
12. Stepbrother, your forever wingman or wingnut?
13. Stepbrother came, saw, and borrowed stuff.
14. Stepbrother just adds chaos and stir.
15. Stepbrother is wildcard in your family deck.


Husband is full time snorer, amateur comedian.
Husband is the master of remote-control warfare.
Husband is expert in leaving lights on and lids off.
Husband, where sarcasm meets dirty laundry.
Husband, a CEO of forgetting anniversaries.
Husband who makes bad jokes, wears odd socks.
Husband fixes things but not feelings.
Husband's life says, patience has its limits.
Husband is a champion of selective listening.
Husband is captain of couch, ruler of remote.

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