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Who are Wholesale Dropshippers?

 Who are Wholesale Dropshippers?

Wholesale drop shippers have existed for years even before the internet opened up to the wide world.  Product distribution explains drop shipping so let us check out what exactly product distribution is about. In the olden days drop shipping started out as a simple procedure of getting products to the consumer. The Ajax Manufacturing company made cleaning supplies as an example and that was all that they did.  The individual entrepreneur approached the Ajax Manufacture about getting the cleaning supplies in large quantities with an over all savings.  The Manufacturer was happy to accommodate, as they were not in the business of selling. 


The distributor then approached several retail outlet stores and offered them Ajax cleaners at a very reasonable price.  In turn, the retail outlet could mark up the product and sell it to his consumer.  All involved from the Manufacturer to the distributor to the retail outlet made a profit.  The consumer found the product they wanted at a price they felt was reasonable.

This simple equation will help explain the above scenario.

1. Ajax Manufacturing sold products to a distributor for $12.00 a case of 12. Cost to make was .50cts per can. (profit $6.00)

2. The distributor sold the case to retail outlets for $24.00 a case. (profit $12.00)

3. The Retail Outlet marked each can out at $$3.50 a can (profit $18.00)

4. At a regular store, the Ajax cleaning products sold out at $4.50 a can so the consumer saved $1.00.

The beauty behind drop shipping is that the distributor places the order to the Manufacturer who in turn drops ships to the Retailer; therefore, the distributor does not have to buy in advance nor keep a lot of stock on hand.  The process is so simple that it is hard to loose money on this type of procedure.

The invention of the internet greatly increased the business of drop shipping to a very profitable at home business. The idea of distribution started at the beginning of time with the first cave dweller trading fire for wood. For it is said without wood the fire will not remain and with out fire there is no need for the wood to remain. It takes both in order to keep one warm.

There are two types of retailers the one stocks merchandise for resale and the other stocks no merchandise is a stockless retailer. You as a drop shipper become the stockless retailer. The first type of retailer must have money to stay in business because they need to buy the merchandise, have an adequate storage place, and a retail place for sales. The second retailer only needs a computer.  The drop shipper retailer opens up an Internet Store, with a shopping cart and the ability to accept credit cards.  

Many good distributors are willing to accept your orders and ship to the designated customer.  You are not the "drop shipper" The company who supplies the products to your customer for you is the "drop shipper"   "You become a Stockless Retailer".  Today there are many on line Stockless Retailers and Drop Shippers you must make sure that you are dealing with real people and companies in order to prevent any fraud towards yourself and your clients. Fraud is the biggest problem you face.


What is a Wholesale Distributor?

The understanding of what it is to be a wholesale distributor will help you to a better understanding of drop shipping.  The sale of goods in quantity is usually for resale by a distributor to a retail merchant. A wholesale made by the manufacturer in a large scale without discrimination requires a distributor to make sales to the retailer in smaller quantities.
The idea of wholesale distributors has been a marketing tool for a very long time. Earlier companies like the Fuller Brush Company, Sears, Montgomery Wards and J.C. Penny's started the basis of wholesale distributors and especially the idea of drop shipping.

The idea of Wholesale Products is vastly growing on the internet and becoming one of the leading ways of owning your own business without having to have money, building, and product.  The reason being that your online store is normally manufacturers are more than glad to give you a cut on the profit in order to get their product recognized by the public and sold.  The idea being your virtual store can have a large inventory without buying one product and the merchandise delivered instantly without anyone from your company getting involved. The key to having a good wholesale business is to find a reputable affiliate program; most of all find a way to drive traffic and sales toward your virtual store.  Remember that most programs do include drop shipping as a means to get the product to the customer but you should make sure that shipping is either free or charged to the customer.

We have now discovered that the wholesale business is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive business to get started on the web.  Now you need to get your creative juices working and do some researching to find out what you want to do in the wholesale business. Remember that with little to no capitol the business that you are strictly looking for is where you are the stockless retailer and the manufacturer drop ships the goods to the client.  You also need a good affiliate program that will accept credit cards and papal.

Next, let me suggest that you check into eBay, as this is one of the best companies on line today for those who want to make sales.  It is not complicated to list merchandise to sell on eBay. It requires a computer, internet connection, and a means of producing digital images.  After you have become an active seller then you can open up your own eBay store for as low as $5 a month.  eBay accepts the necessary means you need   such as charge cards and pay pal, which helps you in receiving payments.

The next important part of your business is to drive customers to your store.  It is very important to enable you to make the sales needed to keep your store open.  We suggest that you use Google's AdSense program as it allows Web sites to display relevant ads on their website. When a web visitor "clicks" on an ad, the Web publisher will earn a percentage of any ad revenue generated.  Our suggestion is that you build content Web sites that attract visitors and hope they click frequently on the ads. 
These suggestions are great to help you get started with your wholesale business but remember one of the most costly things to your business can be shipping.  That is why drop shipping is necessary in any online business. The use of a drop shipper will save you millions of dollars a year. The key to a good virtual store is not only product but also distribution by the use of a drop shipper.

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