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What is Novelty Wholesale Market?

Novelties Wholesale Explained

Novelties generate a nice income when bought for resale.  Novelties are used for special occasions, birthday's, anniversary's, baby showers etc.  The Novelty Wholesale Company is a family owned and operated business. The Company sells only the hottest Novelties and General Merchandise in the USA and around the World. The Company makes it real simple and easy to shop. Their policy is the more that you buy the more that you save. The wholesaler allows you to buy one item or sample or single units as well as buying in bulk.  
Novelty Wholesalers supply many retailers, jobbers, wholesalers and the general consumer with their products. The family takes great pride in providing you with quality merchandise and fast, courteous service. Novelties Wholesale offers drop shop for you free of charge.  There is no service fee. It is easy to join and there is no charge to be a member. This is how it works:

1. It is free to join
2. It is your own Business
3. No product inventory
4. You sell NW products on EBAY and online Auction Portals, Websites and NW drop ships for you.
5. NW will ship worldwide
6. NW provides you with the data, pictures and pricing to get started
7. You get 25% of every sale.
8. You only have to spend the time to set up your online store or EBAY Store and pay the Store Listing Fees and Seller Fees.  NW wants to make it as easy for you as possible so they provide you with free listing tool. Also, be updated real-time when any new items by subscribing to this RSS reader.  Subscribe to the feed on eBay user id SURPLUS.
9. NW is growing at an incredible rate giving you the opportunity to grow with us.
10. The more items you put on your eBay Store, the more you will sell.
11. NW has approx 2000 items ready for you to list.
12. You make the sale, you send us the order along with you is discounted payment and we do the rest.

There are many different categories and items to put on your website and a great chance to make a profit.

The following was an example of one type of online Novelty Business but there are many other possibilities available that you should checkout.  One of the other stores that offer online storefront is the Dollar Shop.  Currently people just love to shop for a dollar.  It is already set up for you and when people buy from your account then you are paid. The Dollar Shop also offers you so many free pages where you can put your own items on display.  You still have a cart and the customers pay via pay pal.  I like this part about the Dollar Shop because you make 100% profit on your pages.

Today Novelties are most certainly enjoyed by every one of all ages. It is fun to decorate for parties or have special Novelty items around for those special Holidays like Christmas. It is yes a growing business, which you can see by all the dollar stores in and around your neighborhood.
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